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Your time is valuable, and dealing with traditional leads can be costly and time consuming. We connect you with pre-qualified and pre-approved home buyers so you can grow your business in an efficient manner.

Why join Guidance Home Services?

We are the Real Estate Brokerage affiliate of Guidance Residential, the leading provider of home financing serving the nation's Muslim Community and others.

Guidance Home Services is a real estate agent's direct connection to thousands of Guidance Residential buyers. We offer you the opportunity to increase your business by tapping into a growing and underserved niche market. After you join our real estate network, you will receive information on consumers who have been pre-qualified and pre-approved for financing to purchase homes in your local area.

No Sign Up or Annual Fees icon

No Sign Up or Annual Fees

We don't receive any fee until the homebuyer closes. After closing, we receive a fee under our arrangement with you as a real estate agent or broker. After closing, a fee is all you owe us under our arrangement.

Concierge Team Support icon

Concierge Team Support

Our trained concierge team will match the right home buyers with the right real estate agents based on matching criteria.

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Becoming a member of our real estate agent network doesn't mean you need to leave your brokerage. We work with top performing licensed agents from any brokerage.

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Real-Time Delivery

Our process dispatches information to you on ready-to-buy consumers the moment they get pre-qualified or pre-approved with the financier.

#1 Niche Market Financier icon

#1 Niche Market Financier

We are the real estate partner of Guidance Residential, LLC, the leading provider of home financing solutions to the American Muslim market and others.

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You will have access to view all your buyers through your network agent dashboard, or the GHS App.

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How it works

Profile Creation icon

Profile Creation

You start by creating a profile with Guidance Home Services.

After you sign up and create a profile with us, we review and verify all your information. Once verified you become an eligible agent in our growing network. We work with top performing agents from any brokerage.

Buyer Screening icon

Buyer Screening

Our concierge team screens home buyers by speaking with them and understanding their buying needs.

After a buyer has been pre-qualified or pre-approved by a licensed Account Executive from Guidance Residential and has indicated that they would like to be connected to a network agent, our concierge team will provide information on the buyer to a network agent.

Referral Dispatching icon

Buyer Information Dispatching

Our concierge team dispatches information on a buyer to local network agents who work in the buyer's targeted market.

Information on buyers is dispatched to member agents in our network based on matching criteria. The network agent who accepts the customer first is assigned to work with the homebuyer.

Progress Monitoring icon

Progress Monitoring

Through our concierge team we track the progress of each of our clients to ensure a smooth journey on the path towards home ownership.

To ensure our client experience is a remarkable one, our highly trained concierge team works as a liaison between clients, agents, and Guidance Residential Account Executives to monitor our client's progress and work between the parties to identify any issues before they become serious.